Hi, I'm Silvia!

Hi everyone, my name is Silvia and FITNESS is the word that describes my life.

I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach, a CIMSPA registered Personal trainer and a Certified Sport Nutritionist registered with CAM. 

FITNESS to me is workout, eating healthy, taking care about me, the enviroment I live in and the people around me. 

Food, to me, is a source of nourishment and I try to eat as close to the  earth as possible. 

Sport is fun, it stimulates my body and my mind. 

I live every day celebrating life, trying to be positive in everything I do and to bring out the best in myself, always.

Only positive energy will attract people, things and positive experiences.

A Bit About Me

My passion for sports started since I was younger: I tried plenty of sports during my life. 

As I grew older, my school commitments also increased, becoming increasingly burdensome, thing that prevented me from dedicating hours and hours to sport, to the point of forcing me to stop for good. Back in high school we can't say I was "sportive", but I was one of those people that I would now call "fake gym enthustiasts"  who show up in May looking for miracles: the perfect diet to lose those two kgs or simply be fitter for the summer.

I probably didn't have that need, which I feel now, to relieve tension and stress, perhaps because I was in that phase of my life where feelings take over and you are guided by instinct and passion, and sport was not one of them.

When I was 16 yo, the tragedy started. When I looked at the mirror I wasn't satisfied of what I was. Too fat, too ugly. I started cutting calories and working out hours and hours every day. I started going to the gym 5 times a week. 

Working out, thanks to the variety and ability to shape the body, has been able to feed and keep alive the desire to train every day and to challenge my limits. However, as soon as I realised that the sport from passion was turning into an uncomfortable duty, I understood that it was time to take my freedom back and leave those rigid patterns that were sucking me into a vortex of fixations and eating disorders.

To me, sport is PASSION, it's freedom, it's life and I want to live it.

I want to be able to wake up in the morning and be free to eat whatever I want, I want to be able to decide to go running, as well as cycling or going to the gym, or swimming. I don't want chains. And that's what I want for you guys as well. I want to indulge my tiredness and exhaustion, to feel that muscle and mind connection when i feel like it and not because I have to. I want to be free to set myself targets.

Training and eating healthy is a state of mind and I want to keep it that way, for me and for my clients. My passion for sport is reflected in the kitchen. I always look for alternative recipes to those of tradition, healthy but tasty, which allows me to achieve my physical goal while respecting the body and health.

Food is one of the PLEASURE of life and it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.