KETOGENIC DIET: what is it? Is it effective?

In the latest times, the Ketogenic Diet became more popular. It's a diet where you drastically cut the carbohydrates and you have most of your calories from fat and protein. This kind of diet activates a physiological response which creates ketone bodies that cause a light metabolic acidosis.

This way the body uses the energy from this body and so utilises the fat as energy source.

You can easily understand that you are definitely losing weight especially in the first week because you appetite decreases.

However it is not easily sustainable during the time and you must be followed by a nutritionist all the time. This diet shouldn't be used just to lose weight, but maybe it can be recommended to keep you insulin levels under control, for example. It has some negative side effects such as constipation, halitosis, low blood pressure, headache.

The Ketogenic diet gives you immediate results while with a sustainable and balanced diet you would lose weight slowly, but in this case it's easier to keep your results. As soon as you start eating again after a ketogenic diet is more likely that you gain the weight you lost - or even more - especially if you did everything by yourself.

You also need to consider your hydration level. It's always important to stay hydrated, but it becomes fundamental during the ketogenic diet as it puts a lot of pressure on our kidneys and liver.

If I recommend it? We are still talking about an unbalanced diet and for this reason you should not decide by yourself to do it, but you should be followed by a specialist or a dietician. Before they can recommend it please check if they have the rights and knowledge to do it. Some nutritionist are not allowed to cut a macronutrient off your diet. Also after a period of time with this diet you cannot go back to your normal nutrition all the sudden and this is why you easily gain weight. For example if you followed a ketogenic diet for 4 weeks then you would need a minimum of 4 weeks of a post-ketogenic diet before you get back to your normal nutrition.

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