PERIOD AND EXERCISE? What should I do? What I should avoid?

Lots of women during their period stop exercising. During the pre-period time we may have some symptoms such as gaining some weight, stomach and back pain, water retention, bloating.. However there are NO contraindication to exercise to exercise during your period, but I advice to decrease the intensity of your workout.

In fact keep practising sport will help the production of endorphins which are chemical substances with painkiller properties and they help you to be more positive so you feel better psychologically speaking. The endorphins increase the dopamine and wellness. Exercise decreases inflammation, improve the blood flow and increases energy.

Exercise during the period also relieves you from symptoms and fights anxiety and stress.

But what is better for your health during period?

Walking or aerobic exercises with low or medium intensity that stimulates the blood flow and the heart rhythm, cycling and yoga that help with tissue oxygenation, posture breathing and water retention. We are talking about period, which is the moment when we are bleeding (from day 1 to 5), and that's important because each phase of the menstrual cycle should have a different workout routine. During the period we should avoid crunches, because they increase the pelvic pain and causes more blood loss, resistance workout that lasts too long or it's too heavy (deadlifts, bench press...) and exercises that require and overload on the back.

The second phase of the cycle, called follicular, I advice you to walk with a bit of effort which may be the speed or the gradient, weight training and low impact cardio circuit. A good exercise during this phase is the mountain climbers.

The third phase, so called ovulation, dancing, cardio, spinning, HIIT workout, running and swimming are your "best friends".

During the last phase, luteal, any workout should be fine, as long as it's personalised and created for you by a good exercise professional.

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