PRE AND POST WORKOUT NUTRITION: what should I eat and why

Firstly, we need to say that what you eat before or after your workout is not related to what sport you practise, but it does follow general ways.

The intensity of the workout and the length play an important role while you choose what to eat. For example, the aerobic training requires more energy and so you may need to consider to eat more carbs.

Pre workout: you should aim to have a light meal which allows you to have an easy digestion, but also balanced with fat, protein and carbohydrates. If you train in the morning, your meal will be the breakfast in order to break the 6 or 8 hours that you haven't eaten while sleeping.

After the meal you should wait at least 1h to make sure you are ready to exercise. However, lots of people are able to digest while exercising so they can start training as soon as they finish eating. How to know what category you are in? There is not a specific answer to it, just trial and errors!

What I recommend, for sure, is not to train before eating anything in the morning. So many people do that, and they are absolutely fine, but this is because they are following the right programme which then allow them to reach certain goals. My suggestion is to eat something for 2 reasons: on one hand you avoid negative effects related to hypoglycaemia and muscle catabolism, on the other hand for a psychological side of the situation because it's easy to end up eating the entire world after your workout if you don't feel a bit full at the beginning.

Post workout: at the end of your workout, the body is really sensitive to the glucose and insuline so you should try to eat something as soon a you finish your workout. Normally this meal should contain carbohydrates and protein, and in some cases supplements such as creatine. This way of doing allows your muscles to absorb protein and other nutrients for a better recovery.

So many people discuss then whether they should or shouldn't eat fruit. Generally speaking, high sugar fruit such as bananas or grapes are not the best choices

especially if you are overweight or have any issues diabete related. This doesn't mean you cannot consume them, but you might prefer apples, pears or oranges, for example, which contain less sugar.

Fruit anyway, is not something I would personally recommend neither pre or post workout, but it's a good idea considering it for some snacks during the day.

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