Train With Me Disclaimer

By accepting the following conditions, the client declares, under h* responsibility, to be 18+, to have a good health condition, to not be pregnant and to not have any injuries.


This program is NOT a substitution for a personalised program, a PT, or any advices by GPs or any other health professional.


The client has to let us know of any changes in h* health condition. The client  has the responsibility to consult their GP before following the exercise program.


The client has the responsibility of any damage, injury or illness before, during and after following the program. Any injury that might be caused by an incorrect form of any exercise, it’s the client’s responsibility. Any injury that might be caused by a repetition of the incorrect form of an exercise, it’s the client responsibility.


Train With Me and Silvia Micheletti won’t answer for any injury and prejudice caused by an incorrect and inappropriate form and execution of the exercises. To check the correct form of each exercise is the client’s responsibility using platforms such as Google or Youtube or by sending me an email at